We all are aware of that mini heart attack that we get upon seeing our grocery bill. What makes it even more hurtful is that you thought it won’t be that much. So what is the mystery after all? What is it that is making our grocery cost this much?

Let’s see the reasons that make the price rising effect on our grocery bill and had us scrambling to make ends meet.

1. Getting lost in the store

How many of us get a little too twinkle-eyed by all the shiny groceries in the aisles? Yeah, we are all guilty. We often look at things and imagine their use in our head and the next thing you know you are throwing the package in your basket. The best way to avoid this is by creating a shopping list at home and then following it religiously with not a step out of place. It would help if you keep your eyes on the ground too.

2. Ready-made solutions

Yes, readymade solutions save a lot of time and tempt a large majority of us to make it a part of our grocery. So if you are buying for a month would it mean you’ll be buying 30 packages of ready-made food? And then you ask why the grocery is costing so much. Buying your own vegetables, herbs, and grocery would make it last more than a month and will cost you a lot less. With right hacks and preservation tricks, you can make your own ready-made packages at home.

3. Not considering a cheaper alternative

We run after brands as if our life depends on it and that is what causes our grocery cost so much. We never consider using a cheaper alternative. Sometimes the price difference is so high that it’s unbelievable yet the taste and functions are almost the same, sometimes even better.

4. Going to the store while starving

This may sound stupid or silly but when we go to a grocery store while hungry, it affects our shopping habits considerably. So here’s a tip, go grocery shopping in a full appetite.

5. Shopping with friends

Never go grocery shopping with friends or when you are in a mood to socialize while shopping. Most of the people are distracted with their mobile the whole time they are shopping or just talking non-stop and they barely know what’s going in their basket and what is being left behind.

6. Going to the pricey grocery store

It is our right to compare the prices and do our grocery shopping at a cheaper rate. Apples are same everywhere then what’s the point of buying them at a higher price?
If a large portion of your earnings is being spent on grocery items and your biggest expense is your food, it’s time that you re-think your budget and cut down your grocery costs. Now that you know the reasons, it should not be that hard.